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My Trashed & Treasured Exsistance

This the basics of who MidnightMetal is.
This is hardly the whole story.
To find out more about who I am,
read my poems.
But even then you will only know my shadow...

Location:IN (thats Indiana USA)
And thats all Im going to say
with one child
so DONT email me with offers, PLEASE!
FAV.BAND: currently
Switchblade Symphony
Gothica extrordinare!
My love of nature isn't overly noticable on this page,
but then again this isn't the place I would put nature/fantasy stuff.
I am Wiccan, and prone to debates on Theology, and Phylosophy.
You may notice my occational laps into Theory's of one kind or another.
Conspiracy theories amuse me.
My couriosity tends to get me into trouble.

Nothing but blank Gray
Withdrawn from all Solitude
Black Void surrounds me
Vacums of stillness I see
Desolation Follows me



need you
dream you
find you
taste you
fuck you
use you
scar you
break you
lose me
hate me
smash me
erase me


to my pain.

"So many souls, so little time." says the Reaper.