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Jesus came to save us from our sins, right? When the eternal soul’s body dies, it is reborn into another. Till it reaches a higher/pure state. Then it transcends to an eternal ‘heavenly relm’. Truth?

I think that Jesus came to stop that eternal struggle and give us a direct access to heaven. A, “pass go, collect $200” type deal. Which sounds good, but in the end, does this make a better soul?? Knowing this as a possible truth, I think I’m not ready to go to heaven yet. I want more chances at life than the one I’m living now. I want my chance at owning BoardWalk!

But is it possible to choose? Can both theories be plausible? Both be equally true? Both be available for the human soul? One may get tired of the eternal struggle to attain perfection and opt for the saving blood of Christ. But for me, and my soul, I think there’s still hope for perfection in my future.

Besides... I’m not done playing with life yet. Heaven may be a wonderful place an all, but there’s nothing quite like the wild ride of LIFE! So, I’ll pass on that card, and take my turns around the board of life. Who knows? I may win!


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